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Jihye's two cents:

I think that anyone who formulates an opinion on a nation based on something like this has a bad grip on reality. And anyone who bases their actions on those uninformed opinions is a really questionable judge of character. I don't actually expect Italians to actually sleep naked and serenade people based on national stereotypes.

I love the concept of Hetalia - I'm constantly asking, what would be the limits? What affects their personalities: the geography? The weather? England certainly seems gloomy because of the rain. Do their foreign policies dictate what relationships they have with other nations? Why is the spirit of camaraderie so prevalent in an international system that has such a history of animosity and conflict? What kind of domestic policy enacted will change their own internal structure? Personality? Physical characteristics? What hurts a nation? What kills them? What language do they speak in common, what traits do they share?

I think this series has a lot of flaws. Too many flaws. It's got a lot of holes in the story; too much one-sided history and not enough facts. But it's a comedy show. Hetalia's a comic strip that birthed an anime - and it is purely for entertainment, instead of education. Himaruya's bound to get a few things wrong, and especially in history and politics; he's an artist, not of a political scientist.

That's ... kind of it.

I have to go teach now. >>
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The Consequences of Bloody Words

As many of you know, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, of Arizona's 8th district, was shot in the head three days ago by Jared Loughner. She is currently in medical care - doctors are hopeful about her recovery, albeit that it will be a long one.

Dorothy Morris, aged 76, Arizona Federal District Judge John Roll, aged 63, Phyllis Schneck, aged 79, Dorwin Stoddard, aged 76, Gabe Zimmerman, aged 30 and Christina Taylor Green, aged 9, were not so fortunate.

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the hangeng thing

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edit-edit: appx. 7:50 Kyuhyun suffers netizen backlash due to his comment

edit-edit-edit: appx. 9PM Donghae writes to fellow SJ member Eunhyuk's cyworld page saying: I'm frustrated... Feeling dejected... No strength in me... How about you?
edit-of-edit-edit-edit: posted BEFORE any of this happened

edit-edit-edit-edit: Cassiopeia statement to E.L.F. (and the rough translation)

edit-edit-edit-edit-edit: Korean fan's list of possible reasons behind hangeng's request for the termination of contract

edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit: Apparently, this whole circus is a smokescreen for Zhou Mi. HANDS UP, EVERYBODY LAUGHING. XDDD

edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit: (translated!) six flaws hangeng sees in his contract never posting anything to omona again thank you puu ♥

edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit: some sentiments of Chinese fans towards Hangeng

edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit: E.L.F. organizes mass snail mail letters sent to SME
here is the main page for the event

edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit: @4:55AM EST; 091222 screencap of the DAUM television Super Junior Gallery popular keywords search engine results

edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit: completely translated article containing Hangeng-Lawyer's statement

edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit: Hangeng hasn't been able to rest for two years since he debuted, despite a back injury ... netizens now wonder if he will not have a contract at all, and what it bodes for him.

edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit: Wonderful trolls Super Junior Television boards. just .. a bit of retardation.

edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit: Cassiopeia continues to support E.L.F.

edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit: HOTTESTs cheer on E.L.F. kind of weird to see them play nice with each other, though. :'D

edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit-edit: Koreans wonder how the future of the Korean pop music industry will be impacted by this year's idol scandals/incidents